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Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

One of New York City's most famous and iconic parks, it is also a meeting place for many people and a center for cultural activity.

It’s a lively place to hang out filled with chess players, musicians, performers, students, sunbathers, strollers. The main fountain is an intimate gathering spot. Listen to the water fountain’s gurgling sounds and the babbling of passersby, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Greenwich Village in the afternoon sun. Sip a cup of coffee or espresso and meditate on some of the world’s greatest creative minds who found inspiration in this very same spot: musicians like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, poet Allen Ginsburg, and Henry James, whose wrote a novel inspired by the Park and the neighborhood.

You could cover the entire Washington Park in 15 minutes. Don’t rush, though; take your time to stop and enjoy the beauty of the park. Pay special attention to the laurel wreaths and intricate designs that stretch from the base of each column to the keystones where two eagles perch like vigilant sentinels.

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Washington Square, New York, NY 10012
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